GGRS experts-in-residence services news

The Griffith Graduate Research School has released an email to staff and research postgraduate (shown below) students about their experts-in-residence, in lights of Dr Bill Metcalf’s retirement.


GUPSA will meet with GGRS soon to see the reasons behind this move, and ways to continue offering these beneficial services for postgraduate students.


Dear HDR Candidates and Supervisors
I wish to advise that Dr Bill Metcalf, GGRS Research Methodologist, will leave GGRS at the end of this year. Some of you will know Dr Metcalf from attending one of his consultation appointments where he has provided assistance to HDR candidates on research methodology, and referrals to external statistical consultants. 

Dr Metcalf  has provided many years of dedicated service to supporting HDR candidates at Griffith University and I thank him sincerely for his great contribution. Bill began his academic career at Griffith in 1980 and first commenced Research Methodology work in the Office of Graduate Studies in 2001. Upon retirement, he will retain his adjunct position in the School of Environment until mid-2016.

In recent years, the number of candidates who have accessed the services of the GGRS Research Methodologist and external statistics consultants has decreased significantly and represents a small fraction of the total HDR cohort. There is also a growing need to adopt a more coordinated approach to research methods and statistics training across the university, whilst ensuring the training needs of each candidate is sufficiently met through activities and support offered by other elements. For this reason the Board of Graduate Research, at its October meeting, resolved to establish a Research Methods and Statistics Training Taskforce to consider options for university-wide coordination and resourcing of research methods and statistical training for HDR candidates.

In the meantime it has been decided that the position of GGRS Research Methodologist, (along with access to the external statistical consultants) will not be replaced and from 2016 general research methodology, statistical, SPSS, NVivo and Leximancer support will no longer be provided by GGRS. HDR candidates will need to seek such research support services through their own supervisors and Element.
Should you have a question or concern about research methods training available to you, please email your Element HDR Convenor.
Professor Sue Berners-Price
Dean, Griffith Graduate Research School