Grievance Help and Advocacy

Many students face academic issues or other difficulties during their studies at Griffith. GUPSA operates a Grievance Help and Advocacy Service to provide you with confidential advice and support. If you need assistance please email us at for an appointment.

The service will help you with reviews, complaints, appeals and injustices relating to University decisions and procedures. These include:

  • Appealing grades and other assessment-related decisions
  • Academic standing, probation and exclusion
  • Findings of misconduct (including plagiarism)
  • Enrolment and graduation decisions
  • Supervision problems
  • Discrimination, harassment and bullying
  • Other University administrative issues


The Service can help an individual student by:

  • Meeting with students about concerns
  • Identifying and explaining relevant University policies and procedures
  • Providing information (including face-to-face and by email and telephone)
  • Reviewing and assisting to draft documents of appeal
  • Assisting students to prepare for meetings
  • Attending meetings with students


The Service aims to help all Griffith postgraduate students by:

  • Identifying issues that impact many students (areas for a systemic change)
  • Advocating the University for systemic change
  • Delivering activities and events that build students’ capacity for self-advocacy
  • Delivering activities and events that support and promote the diverse needs of Griffith students


GUPSA encourages students who feel they can, to advocate for themselves. The information available at the links below may assist students to be their own best advocates. If after reviewing this information you require advice or support with your matter please book an appointment following the links below.



To help us assist you, you will need to bring copies of relevant items to your appointment. This may include:

Copies of emails and other pertinent correspondence from academic or other relevant university staff
Medical certificate/s and any other relevant documents

These can be emailed once your appointment is confirmed. To make an appointment, please email us at



GUPSA can assist students who may have experienced discrimination, harassment, bullying and/or sexual assault in any context related to their study and experience at Griffith. Our role is to help you understand your rights and the options available to you. Students who have experienced discrimination, harassment, bullying and/or sexual assault are encouraged to book an appointment with GUPSA’s Grievance Help and  Advocacy, or a Griffith Harassment and Discrimination Contact Officer.

More information about Griffith’s discrimination, harassment and bullying policies and the support that students can access is available on the Griffith Safe Campuses website.

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