Important Update of 485 Visa Changes for Griffith University Post-Graduate Students.

Dear Griffith University Post-Graduate students,

The Australian Government has updated the upcoming policies regarding the Temporary Graduate VISA (Subclass 485). These updated regulations will affect the criteria of students to obtain a post-graduate VISA, particularly in regard to the age limit of students and the type of post-graduate Studies.

Age limit adjustment: Starting from July 1st, the age limit to obtain a post-graduate student VISA will be reduced to 35 years. This means that post-graduate students over 35-years old will no longer be eligible to obtain a post-graduate VISA barring some exception for specific categories of students:

  1. Post-Graduate Masters (Research) Candidates: Students enrolled in a Masters (Research) will be exempt from the 35 year age limit. They will still be eligible to apply for the Post-Higher Education Work Stream VISA up until the age limit of 50.
  2. Higher Degree Research (HDR) Candidates: Similar, students pursuing a doctoral degree (PhD) will still be eligible for the Post-Higher Education Work Stream VISA up until the age limit of 50.
  3. Students holding a Hong Kong and British National Overseas passport will still be eligible if they are under 50 years of age.

These exemptions do not apply to Masters (Coursework) students. If you are a coursework-based Masters program above 35 years old, we advise you to arrange an appointment with the international student advisers regarding your VISA options.

Next steps: The Griffith University Post-Graduate Student Association (GUPSA) have been in touch with the appropriate Griffith elements regarding students seeking eligibility of the Temporary Graduate VISA prior to 1st July changes. The details can be found here:, and we will continue to work with these elements to ensure that students that complete their degree before 1st July will be able to obtain evidence of completion to be lodged before 1st July 2024. Any applications lodged on or after 1 July 2024 will be accessed under the new requirements.

Additionally, we remain steadfast with our undergraduate cohort at Griffith University and the other Australian Universities by encouraging students to voice their dissent for the upcoming changes by signing the following public petition:

We understand that changes in visa regulations can be challenging, but we remain committed to the best interest of our cohort and will be here to support you through this transition.


Griffith University Post Graduate Student Association