Memorial service and vigil for Sophie

A memorial service for Sophie Collombet will be held on Thursday 10 April from 3.30pm at the Nathan campus, Building N35 Centre for Interfaith and Cultural Dialogue (formerly known as the Multi Faith Centre) so that those who knew Sophie can honour her memory. Friends and classmates will be joined by GBS staff who had the privilege of knowing and teaching Sophie, as well as members of the University executive.

A candle light vigil, leaving from King George Square at 6.30pm, is also planned for the evening of Thursday 10 April. This vigil is being organised by postgraduate students from Griffith, QUT and UQ.

Ongoing support and counselling services are available to all students and staff with respect to this tragedy. Ms Lexie Mooney, Head, Counselling Service, is available for you to contact directly at if you would like to speak to her or arrange an appointment. Ms Julie Coles, Counsellor, is also available at

In addition, Ms Chris O’Brien, Manager of International Student Advisory Services at Nathan, is also available to meet with international students who may have concerns or issues they would like to address. Her email contact details are

The University Chaplain, Rev Dr Russell Briese, and his colleagues are available if you would like to speak to them. The Chaplaincy office does include chaplains fluent in Mandarin and Korean if needed. Dr Briese’s contact details are