NLP Workshops

GUPSA brings you an opportunity to attend free Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) workshops facilitated by globally accredited master facilitator Lorna Bukkland. The two 1 day workshops below are provided  periodically free for postgraduates. Notification of workshop dates and times is by broadcast email. Registration is essential and the email will tell how to register. Room details are  provided by confirmation email. Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea provided on the day.

Setting The Stage To Presenting Magically – A Free Workshop on Public Speaking and Presenting

Do you have a fear of public speaking? Or do you want to improve your presenting skills?

Then this free one day workshop might be just what you need!  The workshop is open to all postgraduate students both HDR and coursework. It will take place at Nathan campus

The workshop will give you the secrets of how to prepare for your presentation so that you can present magically with confidence. The workshop will cover such elements as

The Importance of Breathing
How To Overcome The Fear Easily & Quickly
How To use Space To Connect With the audience and What it Means.
Creating A State of Confidence in minutes
Where To get Your Resources needed to Present Successfully
How To Create Rapport with Your Audience
Learning Valuable Language Techniques to Enhance your Presentation What message is Your Body  Sending
How Your Voice Conveys Your Message
The Importance of Creating Energy

The workshop will be informative, interactive, experimental and FUN!

Copies of All Information provided will be made available to participants to keep as reference

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea provided


Regain Your Self-Power with Confidence

This workshop is designed to help postgraduate students develop the skills and personal resources to respond to and put a stop to bullying and intimidating behaviour in the ‘workplace’ – i.e. classroom, hub, lab, etc. The workshop will look at the  beliefs and attitudes which limit people in dealing with bullying, and what might need to be changed in your values and communication styles to enhance your ability to put a stop to bullying whether it be directed at you or a colleague.

A lot of people when they are being bullied are afraid to stand up to the perpetrators out of of fear of retribution, loss of career, being expelled, or facing continual harassment for being a ‘whistleblower’. They engage in protective ‘shrinking’ behaviour, which undermines their confidence, and enables the bullying to continue unabated.

Are You Feeling Intimidated? Do you start shrinking when you feel like you are being treated unfairly?  Then this workshop will help you by providing skills to stop the shrinking behaviour and to regain self-confidence. It will help you to discover ways of being able to regain your self power  with confidence using the following tools:

Creating a Strong & Healthy Mindset
Building and Gaining Confidence
Building Self-Esteem
Staying Focussed and On track
Overcoming Anxiety and Stress
Living a Healthier Existence
Making Wiser Decisions
Understanding The Meaning of Your Communication
Importance of Verbal and Non verbal language
How To Respond to Intimidation, Verbal and Mental Torment, Bullying.
Understanding Behaviour and what it means
Being aware of the Impact Behaviours Have on Others

Be Ready For Your Next Challenge – Become Strong, Resilient, Happy &  Healthy!

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea provided.

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