Our annual report of 2015

GUPSA had an amazing and rewarding 2015 with many social and academic events, advocacy, and support for postgraduate students at Griffith University. It’s been such an incredible journey to be the President of GUPSA.


When I was elected President of this great association last year, I was very excited on taking over, but it was overwhelming at the same time. I believe all the GUPSA team in 2015 did great efforts for supporting postgraduate students in the campuses we are present at, and you can check out our Annual Report to read what we have done for all of you.

After careful consideration with my PhD, work, and some personal businesses I have to deal, it’s with great sadness to announce that I will step down from the committee. It’s sad to leave GUPSA, but at the same I’m very happy with this year’s outcome.

I couldn’t lead GUPSA without the committee who voluntarily joined and gave their time and commitment. Thanks to Nayeth, Jason, Mohammad, Azadeh, Erin, Shanuka, Mike, Jay, Katrine, Pilar, Boris, Nick, Mateja, Jo, Aman, and Krystal for joining GUPSA and supporting me in this crazy and exciting journey. As I always say, I couldn’t do it without you.

A big thanks to our Support Officer Michael for his patience, hard work, and being on top of everything with GUPSA. Thanks for your trust and I look forward to working with you in the future. I will miss our coffee sessions to talk about GUPSA!

JoYou might ask “well, who is nominating for President in 2016?” and the answer is Joanne Ruksenas is running for President next year. Jo has been involved with GUPSA as the Queensland Conservatorium campus co-ordinator, and she is also involved with CAPA, NOWSA, and University Council’s Equity committee. I’m sure with her experience and knowledge, GUPSA is on the right path to advocate and offer the best postgraduate experience for us. I definitely encourage postgraduate students to vote for her and support her and the new committee just like you did with us in 2015.

I definitely encourage postgraduate students to attend our Annual General Meeting on the 17 March 2016 at 4:45 pm at the Cinema (N02 building) in Nathan campus. Free nibbles and drinks will be provided, and you can meet the next GUPSA committee for 2016. Please RSVP to m.carden@griffith.edu.au

Thanks everyone for all your support, and I’m sure the future looks bright for GUPSA.

Eduardo Jordan Pérez
GUPSA President 2015

Click here if you would like to read our 2015 Annual Report online, and have a look of what the GUPSA committee has done this year.