Regain Your Self-Power with Confidence – A Free Workshop 23 July

GUPSA is hosting a one day workshop on Wednesday 23 July designed to help postgraduate students develop the skills and personal resources to respond to and put a stop to bullying and intimidating behaviour in the ‘workplace’ – i.e. classroom, hub, lab, etc. The workshop will be facilitiated by Lorna Bukkland-Vitettaa leading Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)  expert and its powerful role in the art of communication. The workshop will be held at Nathan campus

Wednesday 10 June 9:30am-5pm

The workshop will look at the  beliefs and attitudes which limit people in dealing with bullying, and what might need to be changed in your values and communication styles to enhance your ability to put a stop to bullying whether it be directed at you or a colleague.

A lot of people when they are being bullied are afraid to stand up to the perpetrators out of of fear of retribution, loss of career, being expelled, or facing continual harassment for being a ‘whistleblower’. They engage in protective ‘shrinking’ behaviour, which undermines their confidence, and enables the bullying to continue unabated.

Are You Feeling Intimidated? Do you start shrinking when you feel like you are being treated unfairly?  Then this workshop will help you by providing skills to stop the shrinking behaviour and to regain self-confidence. It will help you to discover ways of being able to regain your self power  with confidence using the following tools:

Creating a Strong & Healthy Mindset
Building and Gaining Confidence
Building Self-Esteem
Staying Focussed and On track
Overcoming Anxiety and Stress
Living a Healthier Existence
Making Wiser Decisions
Understanding The Meaning of Your Communication
Importance of Verbal and Non verbal language
How To Respond to Intimidation, Verbal and Mental Torment, Bullying.
Understanding Behaviour and what it means
Being aware of the Impact Behaviours Have on Others

Be Ready For Your Next Challenge – Become Strong, Resilient, Happy &  Healthy!

Thursday 23 July, 9am – 5pm
Nathan Campus 

Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea Provided.

You need to  RSVP to register for the workshop; for catering purposes, please advise  any dietary requirements you have.

RSVP by 14 July to


About Your Trainer Lorna Bukkland-Vitetta


Lorna is a leading International speaker and Master Trainer,  a leading Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)  expert and its powerful role in the art of communication.

Master Trainer of mBIT with over 20years Experience working in the fields of Speaking, Presenting, NLP Training, Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Whole Brain Thinking, LAB Profile -Learning and Behavioural Motivation/work Traits, Relationship Mediating, Personal & Group Therapy, Depression, Stuttering, Workplace Bullying, workplace Leadership and Personal Development.

Lorna’s reputation and standing in the international NLP and speaking community is significant, and she returns overseas each year to assist in training International students of NLP Trainers and Master Trainers at the UCSC – University of California Santa Cruz for 2 months, as well as fulfilling speaking engagements and training coaches in the field of NLP, Presentation Skills and mBIT.

Lorna is regularly invited to attend international conferences, events, academic forums and industry workshops to deliver key note addresses, education seminars keeping up with the latest developments in the 3rd Generation NLP as it evolves.

Lorna is also an iWAM certified practitioner and has trained with over 28 international trainers of NLP. Lorna was also the first certified trainer in Australia of the LAB – Words that Change Minds, Mastering the Language of Influence that teach you how to identify the motivation and working traits of yourself and your employees for retaining longer lasting employees and more dedicated and loyal team members within the workplace. Lorna received her Certificate 1V Trainers and Workplace Assessors certifications from the University of Melbourne, and her Certificate 1V in Business from the University of Qld and upgraded to the TAA4E qualification in Queensland, 2011.