Self Defence Courses

Upcoming Courses – 2024

  • Cost: FREE
  • All classes run from 1 pm to 2 pm
  • Participants: Limited to 20 students per course date
  • NOTE: Registration coming soon, please keep notified by Social Media (Facebook or Instagram).

(Terms and Conditions: You must be a current Griffith University Undergraduate or Postgraduate student at a Brisbane or Online Campus are eligible).

Intro to self-defence course information

  • 1: Awareness & Defending

Thursday, 18th July 2024 – Register here from 24/06/2024

This workshop will be instructed by Practical Wing Chun (PWC) Australia and will leave participants empowered to predict, identify and avoid violence by de-escalating situations. Participants will also learn how to counter common forms of attack and assaults.

  • 2: Defending Multiple attackers

Thursday, 1st August 2024 – Register here from 24/06/2024

This workshop will focus on using the physical structure and strategies against multiple attackers in an outnumbered situation and awareness, prevention and de-escalation skills.

  • 3: Female Self Defence

Thursday, 22nd August 2024 – Register here from 24/06/2024

Workshop topics will include recognising common types of attacks women face and how to defend against them, simple techniques for optimum results toward a threat and awareness and prevention.

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