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At GUPSA we are well aware of the importance of physical and mental well-being for a healthy balanced lifestyle, especially whilst studying.  Due to popular demand we are holding another free Mindfulness Masterclass. This class will include yoga and meditation. Beginners welcome…Bring your own yoga mat or buy one from us.

Mindfulness Masterclasses at Nathan

2019 Dates

T1: 19 March, 16 April, 21 May

T2: 23 July, 20 Aug, 17 Sept, 8 Oct


Arrive at 8:45am for a prompt start

9:00am – 10:30am – YOGA with Amanda Lynn

Morning tea

11:00am – 11:40am – Meditation Session 1 by Venerable Drolkar

5 min Break

11:45am to 12:30pm – Meditation Session 2 by Venerable Drolkar

*50% off  Lululemon Yoga Mats for $30 via GriffithPay  *Buy now

NOTE: Collect your mat from GUPSA office by arrangement 

…First 25 students will secure their spot and receive further information…


Yoga is a beneficial holistic practice for body, mind and spirit and, due to the benefits that it offers, has become a popular addition in lives of many busy individuals in Western world. Safe body alignment that is taught and practiced during yoga helps to improve mobility, flexibility and breathing, and increases self-awareness—all the components that are commonly suffering in students’ busy lives. Linked by the breath, the flowing blend of asana (postures) pranayama (breath work) relaxation and meditation will help students to become more centred, relaxed and revitalized.

Yoga sessions are run by Amanda Lynn, a well-experienced yogi who teaches traditional Hatha yoga and Vinyasa Flow, emphasizing the linking of the breath with movement and developing a balance between strength and flexibility. Her classes include Pranayama (breathing techniques) and a short meditation. 

She continues with Yoga education in Radiant Light Yoga (now in 3rd year of teacher training), is completing Therapeutic Yoga for Arthritis in January 2014, Therapeutic Yoga for the Spine March 2014 and continues to attend other yoga workshops. Her classes develop strength and flexibility while allowing students to work to their own capacity, as deeply as they feel comfortable, and at the same time having the opportunity to explore more challenging options.

Amanda is experienced in teaching yoga for all levels and is enthusiastic about sharing her yoga knowledge with anyone who is interested. She describes her teaching as process orientated, rather than statically focused on goals. All postgraduate students are welcome to attend.

Equipment needed: comfortable clothing and a yoga mat if you have one. A few yoga mats will be available for students to borrow if they don’t have their own.

You must also download and complete the Yoga Health Questionnaire and send it with your email. 

Amanda has provided some guidelines for students starting these yoga classes:

    • Practice on an empty stomach. It is recommended that you do not eat two hours before yoga.
    • Remember to switch off your mobile phone every class.
    • Arrive to class a few minutes early to give yourself time to set up.
    • Please enter the yoga space quietly keeping chatting to a minimum. Your practice begins at the door.
    • If you do arrive a few minutes late, please enter quietly, being mindful of those already in practice.
    • Enter your name and phone number on the attendance sheet.
    • Place personal belongings to one side keeping the room free from clutter.
    • Gather your props and set up your mat with the props neatly stacked around you.
    • Relax in shavasana, a supported relaxation pose or sit in meditation. Allow the body and mind to become still and centered.
    • Be kind and loving to yourself. Listen to your body’s messages and allow the transformation of yoga to be gradual and permanent.
    • Yoga is a personal experience, unique to each person. Never be competitive or compare yourself with others. Completely accepting yourself as you are will bring the most progress in your practice.
    • After class, please pack your props away.


The purpose of meditation sessions is to provide students with an opportunity to take a break and get some “headspace” away from their studies and work. This will help them relax, become refreshed and help them become more mindful and concentrated when continuing with their mental work. Regular meditation practice has benefits for stress reduction and stress management and in turn increased productivity with a more positive outlook on life.

Meditation sessions are run by Venerable Drolkar who is an ordained Western Tibetan nun and thus well familiar with various forms of mindfulness and meditation practices, their purpose and the method. Venerable Drolkar became a nun in 2011 and has a degree in Applied Ethics. She is a registered teacher of Buddhism and in December 2014 completed the advanced study program and became a Buddhist Chaplain. She leads meditations, conducts baby naming ceremonies and has taught Buddhism in schools. She is a very kind and warm person and has a wealth of experience in teaching meditation and emotional wellbeing classes. Venerable Drolkar is affiliated with Langri Tangpa (Buddhist) Centre .

The meditation sessions are a mix of different meditation approaches with a focus on relaxation and mindfulness. Venerable Drolkar will first spend a few minutes on theory (purpose of meditation) to help students with understanding and will then spend time doing 2 mindfulness/relaxation meditations while leaving some time in the middle and at the end of the session for questions. These sessions are suitable for both those just starting with meditation and experienced practitioners so all are welcome to attend and experience positive effects of meditation practice. 



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