GUPSA Event and Activity Grants

For a number of years now, GUPSA has provided funding grants to postgrad student groups and to Griffith elements, for social, networking, and professional development activities for postgraduate students. Since receiving funding in 2012, GUPSA has encouraged postgraduate students to approach us for funding of small events they wish to organise. These applications provide GUPSA the opportunity to finance activities that postgraduate students want and provide GUPSA an opportunity to collaborate with other postgraduate groups and build closer connections with its constituency. GUPSA has also partnered with different elements of the University such as GGRS and Health Services Management to fund and support specific events and activities for HDR candidates and postgraduate students.

The Purposes of the Terms and Conditions are twofold:

1. Ensure that funding is distributed fairly among various postgraduate groups
2. Ensure that events sponsored by GUPSA are in line with the aims and objectives of GUPSA.

Terms & Conditions


  • All Student Group members applying for GUPSA funding must be currently enrolled in a postgraduate program at Griffith University (excluding Gold Coast campus students).
  • The Student Group must demonstrate how the funds will support their activities.
  • Student applications must be from an organising team comprising at least two students (i.e., HDR rep/Carnarvon event organiser/ President/convenor/secretary/event organiser).
  • Student clubs applying for funding must be able to demonstrate they have a predominantly postgraduate student membership and they must also not be receiving funding from the Clubs office for the same event.


  • Applications from student groups of $600.00 or less in total will be referred to the 3 GUPSA Chair positions for APPROVAL. All applications from Griffith elements and amounts over $600 from student groups will be referred to the full Board for APPROVAL. Applications from student groups for small amounts will be capped at $600 for the trimester; once they cumulatively exceed $600 in the trimester they will be referred to the full Board for approval.


  • Project plan including activity, venue, budget and number of participants must be provided.
  • A detailed description of how GUPSA will be promoted and / or acknowledged at the event over and above posting of photos onto our social media pages.
  • Record of organising events and activities (Request for organising first time event is exempted from this criteria).


  • Application is limited to online form & Project plan together with the proposed budget.
  • Attachments are to be submitted in PDF format.
  • All applications must be submitted online through the GUPSA website.


  • Applications under $600, singly and cumulatively per trimester, will be considered by the 3 Board Chairs. Applications above $600 or cumulative amounts exceeding $600 in the trimester will be independently considered by the full Board for each applications. Applicants for amounts over $600, both students and Griffith staff, must attend the Board meeting to speak to and answer questions from the Board about their application.
  • GUPSA will advise applicants for amounts $600 and under of the outcome of their application by email within 10 working days of receiving the application. For amounts over $600, applicants will be advised of the outcome within 2 days of the Board meeting.
  • GUPSA reserves the right to grant a lesser amount than requested, dependent on monies available.


  • Groups approved funding, are required to provide the advertisement of their event, an article with photos of the event for GUPSA’s blog and a letter of thanks to GUPSA after completing the event.  
  • Approved applications must be acquitted with the GUPSA office within 28 days of the event. Failure to acquit funds may result in loss of funding.

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