Aarthi Ganapathy

Research Officer

Hi! I am Aarthi (pronounced as RT). I am a PhD candidate at the School of Applied Psychology and serve as a tutor and RA. Additionally, I am a mental health support worker. In the past, I have served as an assistant clinical psychologist and counsellor.  I am Indian by origin but a permanent resident of Australia.

I am “people’s person” and believe that each of us has a unique story. I love listening to these stories and supporting others in the way others want to be supported. I am an avid reader who loves long walks, a good coffee and conversations. I am passionate about creating a community based on equity and justice. I believe in creating spaces of love, respect, acceptance, and positive vibes. I have been a carer for most of my adult life (in personal and professional roles) and have immense respect for students who juggle the numerous responsibilities in everyday life. If you want a person who would listen, or just a comfortable “banter” session, feel free to contact me. 

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