Bogdan Mamaev

Research Officer

Hey hey! My name is Bogdan, and I am completing my PhD in Political Science with the School of Government and International Relations at our Nathan Campus. I am also an HDR Representative for my cohort who is trying to encourage our HDR community to explore something new and see the world beyond academia and our home campus. I truly believe in cooperation as a tool to bring change; together we can achieve anything! Networking, sharing ideas, and simply interacting with new people are one of the most important things for a career, and one should not be afraid to take on new challenges since they are the engine for change. I enjoy having coffee and all kinds of food – even the most exotic ones. I love music, guitar, travelling, computers, reading, taking long walks, and having both long conversations and periods of silence.

Our Team

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Online Officer
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Bogdan Mamaev
Research Officer
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