Catherine Sanders

Online Officer

I love to study. Really! Having completed my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Wollongong on campus a number of years ago, I have gone on to study through vocational education and higher education almost nonstop since I graduated high school. I have a Graduate Diploma of Education through Charles Sturt University, a Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) through Asset College, and a Graduate Certificate of Professional Accounting and Law through Deakin University. I have completed over 15 nationally recognised Diploma and Certificate qualifications and I am a recognised Fellow with the Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD). I am currently a student in the double Master of Human Resources and Employment Relations/Master of International Business with Griffith.

Over the many years of study I have completed, I had studied before having children, since having children, and while my partner was working fly-in-fly-out. I worked part time through my undergraduate degree but have worked full time ever since and I have firsthand experience that tells me ‘time management’ is not just a catch phrase used in personal development theories. The thing is, I never actually saw myself following this lifelong learning path, I just get such a buzz from learning, that I keep on coming back! In the last few years I have also found a passion for encouraging and supporting that buzz in others. I know what it is like to study in all forms, from face to face, old school correspondence (that’s right, it was via post!), and multiple kinds of what is considered online.I can relate to studying through many phases, and changes that life decides to throw at us, and I TOTALLY understand that it is not always easy.

That’s why I am so excited to be elected as the Online Officer with the GUPSA board. I am so excited to represent a student body that is just like me; fitting in study on holidays, in between kid’s sport, while on public transport, while others watch Netflix, while everyone is asleep, at lunch times, and on weekends. Being online can feel isolating at times and it requires a lot of self-discipline and care, so I look forward to what the coming year with GUPSA can bring, and how I can help support others on their learning journeys as well.

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