Chantelle Hollenbach

Support Officer

As an activist, teacher and avid traveler, I immensely enjoy engaging with students from all walks of life. My background is in Adult Learning, Coaching and Organisational Development (OD) and I’m passionate about student engagement and learning.

Parts of my lifelong learning journey include an undergraduate degree in Adult Vocational Education (Human Resource Development) from Griffith University in 2009, and the subsequent Master Degree in Education (Leadership and Management) through Queensland University of Technology in 2013.

Feel free to connect at different campuses:

  • Tues: Logan – SRC Office, Community Walk, L4 Room 1.04
  • Wed: Southbank – QCA SO2 Webb Centre, L3 Room 3.03C
  • Thurs: Nathan – Students Associations and Clubs, N28 Room 0.07



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Chantelle Hollenbach
Support Officer
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