Charlie Tran

Communications Officer

Hi, my name is Charlie Tran, a senior PhD candidate at Nathan Campus and I am the Communications Officer for the Griffith University Post-Graduate Student Association. I believe that connecting with the support given by Griffith University is crucial to our success, especially when many of us devote ourselves to our projects but feel isolated especially when the support of close familiar bonds can be physically or emotionally across the ocean. Being Communications Officer, I aim to emphasize the importance of communicating these opportunities to the post-graduate cohort. Not only will this help post-graduate students build long-term networks but reinforce how GUPSA provides bite-sized updates across the evolving social media landscape. I have published in several scientific newspapers, journals and have worked in both industry and government roles, so feel free to reach out to me if you have any inquiries or suggestions on how GUPSA communicates to its students.

Our Team

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Sustainability Officer
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International Officer
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Charlie Tran
Communications Officer
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