Gurteerath (Monto) Singh Jaswal

Campus Coordination Officer

Hello everyone!

My name is Gurteerath Jaswal, people call me Monto 🙂

I totally adore pet animals such as dogs and cats and can spend hours playing with them. I can rock the guitar and if you have similar interests, let me know, we could have a jam session together.

Love working out and playing Field Hockey/Soccer, going on bike rides around the city, to mountain lookout points, makes me feel so good and alive.

I am studying Master of Professional Accounting at Griffith University and loving it. I have been here in Brisbane for a couple of years now which have been totally amazing. I love working with GUPSA and look forward to helping the Post Graduate Students here at Griffith. The staff members at GUPSA have been so welcoming and that’s one of the reasons why I love helping GUPSA so much. I have been helping out GUPSA even before I got elected as a Board Member. If you need any help, please let me know, I will try and help and if it is out of my powers, I will direct you to the correct path.

Looking forward to meeting all you amazing people.

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Gurteerath (Monto) Singh Jaswal
Campus Coordination Officer
Jasmin Gross
International Officer
Saira Khan
Coursework Students Officer
Jason Wessel
Research Officer
Michael Carden
Support and Events Coordinator
Chantelle Hollenbach
Support Officer
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Editor in Residence
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Editor in Residence

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