Lauren Cunningham

Former Equity Officer

My name is Lauren Cunningham, an international student from rural America. I received my bachelors in International Relations and Japanese Studies in the USA while studying abroad in China and Japan, before becoming an English language teacher in South Korea. Now, I am getting my masters in International Business/International Relations, hoping to pursue either a Ph.D. in sociolinguistics or work in the study abroad/international office at a university (maybe both!).

In my travels I’ve worn many hats, seeing the various perspectives of students seeking out opportunities to make the most out of their education. Many times I wished I could have someone to talk to, feeling like a stranger in a strange land. However, at Griffith I have met a warm and welcoming community, which in turn encouraged me to become more active in their culturally diverse family. As the student equity officer, I hope these experiences will allow me to help everyone by seeking and promoting every opportunity to accomplish their goals. Don’t be a stranger and feel free to contact me for any questions and concerns you may have while pursuing your dreams in this land of eternal summer (and good fish and chips!).


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Lauren Cunningham
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