Michael Carden

Support and Events Coordinator

You can find Michael at:

Room 0.07 – N28 (map)
Griffith University
Nathan Qld 4111 (directions)
Ph: 61 (0)7 373 54822



Our Team

Marian Sassoli
International Officer
Catherine Sanders
Online Officer
Charlie Tran
Communications Officer
Cassidy Winter
LGBTQI+ Officer
Bogdan Mamaev
Research Officer
Geoff Ebbs
Sustainability Officer
Kate Kingston
Disability Officer
Daniel de Vries
Coursework Officer
Saira Khan
Carers Officer
Michael Carden
Support and Events Coordinator
Chantelle Hollenbach
Student Associations Officer
Maureen Butler
Evie Franzidis
Editor in Residence
Leanne McKnoulty
Editor in Residence