Zohra Saima

Campus Coordination Officer

My name is Zohra Saima and I’m an International student at Griffith University from India. After completing my Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S) back home and a further one-year experience as a general practitioner there, I left my India to pursue a Masters in advanced health service management in Australia, my first ‘overseas experience’! I have travelled the major cities and beautiful islands of Australia and fallen in love with the food, the fierce local pride in an identity within the nation’s political landscape, and the fascinating blend of big-city fast-paced life and friendlier people. Currently, I have been working at a medical centre in Brisbane as a lead administrator for the past year and have gained wider experience in hospital administration and outstanding customer service. I now hold the position of Campus Coordination Officer for the Griffith University Post Graduate Student Association (GUPSA) as one of the newly elected board members. I am a very outgoing person and love meeting new people, hence an organised member of Griffith mates (a group that conducts several events at Griffith Campuses). In my spare time, I participate in events for the university, cook delicious Indian food (careful I might make you fat) and love dancing to enjoy my time.

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Zohra Saima
Campus Coordination Officer
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