Update from Satine Winter

First of all, a big thank you for those who voted for me in the recent University Council election! I am absolutely thrilled to represent you again.

In my role as the current postgraduate representative on University Council, I recently attended the 8th Annual University Governance & Regulations Forum in Sydney. The event spanned 2 days and involved numerous academic and private industry speakers from all over Australia.

Why bother going? To assist in my role as a Council member and to represent the Griffith University community by increasing my knowledge of current issues.

Was it beneficial?  Absolutely.  I found out more detailed information on my legal responsibilities and obligations on Council while ascertaining levels of risk management, safety and due diligence, quality assurance, governance versus management, the challenges of regulation and also factors affecting the internationalisation of university education – a key focus of the current government.

How does this help postgraduate students?  I am able to build upon my increasing knowledge and share this information with relevant organisations and persons within the university on behalf of the postgraduate community.

Knowing about my legal responsibilities and obligations provides a framework for me to understand how the postgraduate community fits within the University and what I can do to promote their needs while understanding some of the bigger issues affecting Universities on a national and global level.  It is important to understand the bigger picture because this affects the smaller stuff such as what food we eat at University to a broader issue of available resources or postgraduate supervision to bigger organisational matters such as policy and procedures.

Was the food good?  Awesome!  I loved the white and dark choc-chip pancakes with fresh whipped cream and a good cup of English breakfast tea in the morning.   A buffet lunch and too much chocolate mud cake on Day 1 saw me eating fruit on Day 2.

Did Satine get to go shopping?  Sadly, no!  Satine stayed for the entire duration of the conference in dedication to her role on Council. Ah, perhaps next time…

Satine Winter
University Council (Postgraduate Representative)

** See picture above for my delightful afternoon tea with champagne at the Guylian Café, Darling Harbour, Sydney ~ it made up for no shopping!