Wenx’ World: 3-2-1-over

I went to see the #GU3MT finals. I know: Another acronym. Seems like they are everywhere these days. But this one I am sure you know… Don’t you? It stands for Griffith University Three Minute Thesis (Competition). And it’s copyrighted (3MT®). Just so you know…

The deal is, postgrad students have three minutes to present their research to a generic audience as awesome as they can! And I was impressed! Those students used their body language, including mimics and gesture, as if presenting itself was their PhD. And – surprisingly compared to many other presentation experiences I have had – I understood most of them! And I liked it.

It was wonderful to see how many different topics are being researched here at Griffith and I was surprised to not see more of you guys there. It was great to see so many presenters not only being nerds, but also great speakers. I thought it was inspiring to see high end research explained so well: linguistics, maths, IT, biology, business, … many more. And I would like to especially point out the great performances of speakers with English as  their second language!

At the end, I agreed with the judges selection of ranking. However, I would like to share my observation that all winners had English as their native language AND seemed to be affiliated to humanities. Coincidence? Or just due to the fact that humanity topics and non-accent English are just better entertainment to a generic crowd?!?

However, I will sign up and try to show them better. Come and join me next year!

See you out there – Wenx