Wenx’ World: Advent

Advent is here, and for the first time in a long time, I am excited. For those of you who only happen to live in a Christian environment now but grew up in a different religion, advent is the time of waiting and preparation for the birth of Jesus. I know, you probably guessed that from your Latin translation of the word (Ad- to/for, venio-come, hence: arrive. You are welcome.) However, nowadays it describes the period between the 4th Sunday prior to Christmas and Christmas itself.

Apart from the fact that many Christians actually prepare for the Nativity, it is also the time for Christmas decorations. So last weekend, I created a Christmas trees with a green bead chain flat from nail to nail against the wall. And with tinsel and decorations. And this must have been a first in a long time, becacuse: I liked it!

You shake your head? Not in Christmas mood? Or you, in case you are from Northern terras, find Christmas with melting chocolate Santas wrong? Agreed, it seems odd. But only because even Australia is selling Christmas as a winter event! Why are they doing it? I dunno. Secret voices have suspected the blind copying of ‘anything that goes on in the US’.

But then, after all, the Germans got it right last year: a popular German supermarket chain with four letters suddenly had advertising with Santas in board shorts, in the ocean and on surf boards. No snow, no reindeer, no sleighs. Maybe it’s not them, maybe it’s us; and we need a new mind set to enjoy. Santa, sunshine, waves – and Christmas ham. That together sounds like an awesome, alternative, Australian version to me. No sign of that ‘scratch your frosted windscreens, try to find both your gloves, cold toes, fogged up glasses, salt the roads, slip on ice’-stuff. And if you think about it, Christmas garden parties in summer clothes and sunscreen, with a cold beverage in hand and the delicious smell of barbecued goods – how much better can a holiday be?

See you out at the GUPSA Christmas party – Wenx