Wenx’ World: beep beep bloop

It’s a new year, and my mind is blank. Well, in fact, my mind is really full, filled with new impressions, travelling and conversation memories, new encounters, visual souvenirs from different places, the pain and ecstasy from too much running, sports and outdoor action.

So obviously, the holidays got me far far away from the desk [when really it only was into the secret beauty of Northern New South Wales] and worked their magic. So, I guess, the mind blankness is a good thing. Obviously my mind and my brain have so well recovered and distanced from uni and work and all that jazz that getting back into research work seems unreasonably difficult.

It seems, the sun burnt my thinking paths, Christmas and New Year’s drinks destroyed memory brain cells, and the mushy brain that comes during a long run stayed. No more thinking possible, no clever output, no structural thoughts, no relevant memory. Everything gone. Like my internal hard drive was magically formatted by a ghost.

Getting back to work, sitting down at my desk, I had this odd moment when you think “And now what?!?” I spent quite a bit of time trying to remember the last bits of work I did before Christmas. It was hard to get my brain to concentrate on reading smart literature again. Difficult sentences filled with maths slang suddenly seemed like a jungle floor to me: Hard to fight through and it takes you way longer than you thought.

And in the end, getting back into your routine is way easier and quicker than you had wished.

I wish, you guys had exactly the same wonderful problem.

See you out there – Wenx