Wenx’ World: F*ck Yes or No.

“Keine halben Sachen!” means “No things by halves!”. It came into my mind over the last few weeks: A guy who could love me under certain conditions and a trail, which I enjoyed from km 18 and which ended at km 21. After both I thought: “No more halves”. Not in relationships, not in marathons.

Then I read this article by one of my favourite bloggers Mark Manson titled ‘F*ck Yes or No’. And it just nailed it: Every decision should be an enthusiastic “F*ck Yes” or a “No”.  Nothing in between. Simple life, awesome life. And it made me wonder: How many stages are there between F*ck Yes and No? And how strong does desperation influence them? How strong is responsibilty’s influence?

All the Maybes should be a No. All the Meh should be a No. All the Why Not should be a F*ck Yes. And definitely the ideas that make you smile should be a F*ck Yes. Cause those are the ideas/people/events that are totally worth it. Totally. Worth. It.

So from now on, I will say No to the boys who won’t say F*ck Yes to me, I will try to say No to plans that might be a wrong, and I will try to say No to invitations that I could accept only to be polite.

I will say F*ck Yes to anything I really wanna do. Like beach volleyball tomorrow and extending my stay in NZ to attend my friend’s doctoral graduation despite the expenses.

Those decisions require to have strong personal boundaries. But Fuck Yes, I have them, otherwise I will build them.

See you out there – Wenx