Wenx’ World: Future Lands

And then, what are gonna do? is the question I hear a lot once I mention my PhD might be coming to an end this year. And that question is tough to answer and nearly impossible to distract anyone from. Anyone – including myself.

What AM I gonna do? Travel or work? Fun or serious? Working holiday or career? Research or Teaching? Academia or industry? Same area or yet another career change? Maybe ignore the PhD and use the Master? And the big question: Where?

With my passport, most of Europe is wide open allowing me to live and work over there. Canada keeps spamming my timeline encouraging me to come over. Not even to mention the option of simply getting a work visa anywhere in this world. On top of that, I could just stay here.

The thing is though, that as much as I love Gold Coast, I am currently struggling with some Australian issues I have seen over the years: Little care-taking of the environment, verbal abuse towards foreigners, disadvantaging of women, extremely inappropriate drunk behaviour and arrogance towards other countries and homophobia. Since I have the choice, I wonder if this is a society I would like to live in permanently.

Australia, we have to talk.

See you out there, Wenx