Wenx’ World: Fux

“The subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” is a one of Mark Manson’s posts, which has kept me thinking a lot. Actually, no, wrong, it hasn’t kept me thinking a lot, it turned into a new life approach for me, a new karma, so to say. Because, really, how many f*cks can you possibly give in a lifetime?

Especially for people like us, doing their postgraduate thing, somewhat ambitious, motivated, driven, some of us anal, others perfectionist, it is sometimes easy to get annoyed by things, people, others. I had two friends independently post on Facebook how they found it rude that pedestrians don’t even appreciatively nod when my friends grant them their right of way as drivers. I brooded over this a little while. Considering I am a cyclist and mostly have to refrain from my right of way to save my life, I was initially a bit offended by my friends’ arrogance. But then it occurred to me: How can such a tiny thing make it into Facebook not only once, but twice? Don’t my friends have more important things in their life than to be annoyed by a legal (yes, legal not even illegal!) matter? Why? Did? They? Give? A? F*ck?

And this is where Mark Mason comes in: We only have so many f*cks to give in our lives. Shouldn’t we keep them for the things that are actually worth it? My friends giving too many f*cks? F*ck those friends. Or at least f*ck their status.

At the conference I went to, a super young outgoing academic (imagine: size 8, long hair, high heels, Beyonce loving) spoke about how her colleagues sometimes warned her to not verbalise her opinions. What did she do? Didn’t give a f*ck. Became head of lab anyway.

Of course I think we should all be (more) considerate. And I still notice all the idiots and small annoyances in traffic and daily life. But honestly,

I don’t give a f*ck. Neither should you.
See you out there – Wenx