Wenx’ World: Me, my moment and I

When good stuff happens, you wanna share with the whole world. When bad stuff happens, you might wanna share with your bestie or your sister. Ever seen a beautiful sunset and wanted to tell someone about it? Sharing strong emotions and experiences seems like a normal urge and human need (see facebook, twitter, etc.). But what happens, when there is so much to share and no means to do so?

I had a powerful, emotional moment, when I won the race. I had no friends with me at the finish line, my phone was somewhere in a support van. I was so dam happy, I wanted to tell the whole world, shout it out, post it on fb, call my mum. I couldn’t. I was locked in a moment of happiness with myself and only myself.

And I realised, it was MY moment. Noone could have understood its full complexity of emotions anyway. Noone could influence it with any comments, noone could take flicker of moments away from me. It was just there to enjoy – for me and myself.

And by the time I got to my phone the urge to share had faded, the moment had become mine. I owned it and it was too awesome to share with anyone. By the time I got to fb, I updated my status as a fact rather than the feeling. Cause sometimes they are just too good to be shared with anyone. Just like steak burgers, but that’s a different story.