Wenx’ World: No Escape

Considering a holiday this winter, I updated my personal PhD timeline. Turns out, it’s getting really tight for me considering the time I have left to finish. I’ve never realised, that once the scholarship is up and the extensions are exceeded, there will be a problem coming up. And it’s a problem of money and immigration.

In fact, it’s the money I would have to spare from my own pocket to cover the tuition fees after the fee waiver expires. International student fees are crazy, and which student has that money? Asking my  parents? No way. Never have – never will. Taking up a loan? International students can’t get one. Selling the car? By far not enough money. Illegal business? Not an option.

Of course I could continue working on the dissertation without being enrolled. But that would mean I lose my student status and hence my visa. Plus, I would have to enroll  eventually to actually submit my thesis. It’s really ridiculous to pay sooo much money just to hand a stack of papers over to someone else. Thousands of dollars for a few seconds of action? Sounds like bribing to me… or just a rip off?

The last alternative is to approach the problem from the other end: Not being an international student anymore, a.k.a. getting residency. Cause that’s only about $6000. What a bargain!

Or simply all pipes steaming at uni from now on and getting this PhD baby born. Cheapest option. 

See you out there – Wenx