Wenx’ World: Shaken, Shot and Shiny.

They’re dead. 1008 people this week died in the news. You say HUH? Let me break this down: The Nepal earthquake: 1000. Indonesian death penalty: 6 unimportant and 2 brave martyrs. Don’t get me wrong on the wording here, I am trying to reflect the national media and the wording does not reflect my subjective view at all. I could easily donate each incident, the shaking and the shooting, their own blog post. But while donations for Nepal are requested everywhere and discussions of all kinds sprinkle across pub tables and social media, I would like to write about something totally different.

Have you heard of Bruce Jenner? He won a decathlon gold medal at the Olympics sometime last century and just last week during a tv interview, he let down his hair and shared that he feels like a woman and would love to live it openly. She especially expressed her wish to wear nail polish permanently. One can discuss now if Seals is a woman too or if Bruce is not Seal enough to just wear nail polish, but what really happened was bigger.

Men everywhere started expressing their acceptance, support and respect for Mrs Jenner. They didn’t only started putting nail polish on their male nails, but also started posting them on social media. #PaintYourNailsForBruce made social media explode, you could see all ages, skin colors and sexual orientation. One showed a card saying “Be you & make yourself happy” – held by male hands with beautiful colored nails.

And I am thinking, considering our lived could be over next week, why not live outside the box sometimes….

See you out there – Wenx