Wenx’ World: With a Straight Crown

Call me naive, but I didn’t put 1 and 1 together. In hindsight, it might seem obvious but it didn’t even occur to my good and trusting mind until a friend pointed it out to me. Well, as academics do, she said it by mentioning a medical publication where psychologists had stated, that, in a relationship, the jealous person is more likely to cheat.

I had just ended a relationship with a man who had constantly distrusted me and constantly made me justify myself to a point that it got too exhausting for me to carry on.
The betrayal is not proven (and does it really matter after a break up?) but all the evidence, hints and facts fit together perfectly.
I ran into him on Friday night. I ran into him when he was with her. I wanted to say very bad things. Considering the bad things he said to me when I broke up, things that I simply swallowed down, I still owed him a few. I wanted to tell him evil, smart, sugar-sweet (but evil in between the lines) things that would have made any film script writer envious -and that only girls can come up with. I also considered doing things to his new car parked out front, such as rubbing a bar of soap all over his windscreen. (Sounds funny, but is super evil!)
I happened to not have a bar of soap on me. And I still knew better. In my mind, I straightened my crown before I spoke. I was friendly as I would be to a stranger when I said hello, I walked away my head up high. I had learned my lesson and thought that I would like to be a better person. Better than him. Way better. And that shouldn’t be too hard.

See you out there – Wenx