Writing Tips with your GUPSA Editors | T1 2023

Week 3

Mapping your research area

How would you like a visual map of your research area? Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re planning to publish, or you want to find connections to one seminal paper, Thesislink tests out three online tools that can make that map for you.

Week 4

I wish I knew!

Did you know: you can borrow a laptop/book a consult with learning advisors/find comfy chairs and study hideaways in the libraries. Students reveal their top tips about our awesome Griffith Libraries.

Week 5

Uni newbie or you’ve been at uni forever?

Whether you’re a newbie or you’ve been at uni forever, Griffith’s TTP program has great videos that will help out with getting your degree underway, study skills, assessment, the online learning environment, and looking after yourself.

Week 6

Blindsided by a writing task?

Blindsided by a writing task? If you need to learn a bit about types of assignments,  structuring assignments, or academic writing style, the Library has some fast help for you.

Week 7

Academic Spy Network

How’s your academic spy network? The Thesis Whisperer tells us how #circleofniceness, ‘who you know’, and ‘the strength of weak ties’ all help you to find jobs.

Week 8

Griffith’s Library Services

Whether you’re a new HDR candidate or at the other end of the research lifecycle, this site is for you: Griffith’s Library Services For Researchers has the goods on managing references, researcher profiles, research metrics, working with data, and more.  

Week 9

Run an online event

Want to run an online event that isn’t horrible? QUT’s Brendan Keogh has some great strategies on running a simple, cheap, and flexible symposium.  

Week 10

A discovery platform

Here’s a discovery platform you need to check out. Griffith’s Research Repository is a digital archive of published theses, journal articles, conference papers, and creative works. Get some great inspiration here.