50c Public Transport Fares

Dear Griffith University Post-Graduate Students,

We are pleased to share the local government’s recent announcement to significantly reduce transport fares to 50 cents for a period of six months starting from the 5th of August. This initiative comes at a crucial time, amidst the current cost-of-living crisis, and will help provide substantial relief to our student community: Brisbane Times Article.

While we do welcome and appreciate these temporary measures, we must not lose sight of the underlying issues that stem from the current concession fare framework. The Griffith University Post-Graduate Student Association (GUPSA) remains steadfast alongside our other QLD University colleagues in our commitment to our ‘Fares Fair’ campaign. This campaign will continue to advocate to reduce the economic burden and ensure that all students, including part-time students, have access to concession rates across Queensland.

Therefore, we continue to call on the State Government to reduce the economic burden on concession students and to amend the concession framework to permanently include part-time students beyond this six-month scheme. Achieving this will ensure a fairer and more sustainable transportation policy for our entire student community.

Thank you for your support and engagement in this important advocacy effort. Together, we can work towards lasting and equitable solutions.

Griffith University Post Graduate Student Association