ACA HACKA Academic Skills workshops

Want to improve your academic skills? GUPSA provides a FREE series of 2 hour AKA/HACKA  Academic Skills workshops for you.

Presented by Nina Ginsberg, there are 4 workshops in the series: The Postgrad Critical Thinking Toolbox, Successful Academic Writing & Style for International Students, Structure, Coherence & Cohesion, Get your Journal Article Published . Each workshop in the series is  stand alone so you can do all or one or in between as appropriate for you.  The workshops are open to both coursework and HDR students although the Journal Article workshop is probably more relevant to HDRs and other students with a substantial research component to their degree. The second workshop is also more suitable for international students and students for whom English is a second language.

Details of the workshops are as follows:

The Postgrad Critical Thinking Toolbox

Be that student in class who always has something interesting to say! This interactive session will show you how to initiate confident discussions and contribute intelligent and challenging ideas, evaluations and explorations of key themes in your course – in ways that are surprisingly easy to do. This session provides powerful strategies to increase critical thinking and will help you generate ideas and thoughtful responses in tutorials, discussions and debates. These techniques also help when preparing presentations and other assessments.

Academic writing and Sentence Structure 

This workshop covers essential academic writing skills that will help distinguish between main and supporting ideas, improves structure and resolves cohesion issues. Techniques covered are the 4 types of sentences, TEEEL paragraph structure, superordination and 6 cohesion skills for clear expression.

Extend your Academic Vocabulary

Postgrads are expected to be able to write with higher precision and specific academic expression. Building the range and accuracy of your academic vocabulary is fundamental to being a successful academic writer. This session will cover how to increase your academic vocab, how to use new academic words, how to build your own academic/professional glossary and other useful resources that will help your word choices to be more precise, academic, and expert.

Structure, coherence & cohesion

This workshop covers the most important academic writing techniques to increase clear, logical connections between ideas such as theme & theme, paragraph unity, enumeration, parallelism
and transitions.

Get your Journal Article published

This workshop covers tips and advice on preparing an article for publication. Regardless of discipline or content, this workshop will provide key strategies to strategically prepare papers to improve chances of publication and includes secret tips on how to upgrade papers for publication.

Being an Efficient Researcher

Do you have the study habits and mindset to complete your degree with confidence, clarity, and proficiency? All too often, students feel overwhelmed by the workload and expectations required at university. Learning how to bring it all together to proactively manage your work, time and energy is an advanced academic skill. This session covers strategies to establish an efficient daily schedule, develop a sustainable work practice and foster an expert researcher mentality.

The workshops run as a series over 6 weeks, one workshop and a repeat each week.   The workshops will be held online. They will be recorded as well and recordings made available for a limited time. Dates and times will vary each trimester.  You must register for the workshops beforehand. You don’t have  to register for all of them but only the ones you’re interested in, either  the initial workshop or its repeat.

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