An Update about the Update to the Update

And update for my update appeared! You might have read my last post’s hope to sit things out for a new update because when I updated it made my software unusable. It took me 4 days of trying to fix it, then it took IT support another 3 days of trying to remotely fix it, and then it took them another 2 days to put their own magic fingers on my laptop. From there it took them -t’daaaah- 40 minutes. Harrgmph.

It’s not that I had been too blond or that they had been suggesting the wrong things. But what had really happened was, that during the time of my IT frustration, even the software designers realised issues with it – and released a new update. I wanted to hate them, but I was way too happy having my IT issues finally solved.

The same day, my desktop refused further services. Murphy’s law, or what?!? Polite as it is (actually, mine is a girl named Doro), after log on, she greeted me with a warm WELCOME, but refused to do anything else. Instead she gave me they opportunity to stare at her WELCOME for 3 hours – and my IT frustration was taken to a new level.

I threatened Doro with the bin, she remained stubborn. So I had her taken to the computer hospital. I hope she will be ok.

PhD status: On hold.

See you out there, Wenx