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What is Auslan?

Among the 130 sign languages used worldwide, one is uniquely Australian- Auslan. Auslan, short for Australian Sign Language, was developed by and for Australians who are deaf or hearing impaired. This language is used by nearly 20,000 Australians daily and is a visual form of communication that uses hand, arm, and body movements to convey meaning.

Although Auslan is uniquely Australian, due to historical similarities, Auslan is very similar to British Sign Language (BSL), which means Australians can often understand BSL and vice versa.

Like all sign languages, Auslan is a visual-gestural language that simultaneously uses movement to convey grammar and meaning. In contrast, English relies on word order and sentence structure. Interestingly, Auslan’s grammatical structure is closer to Chinese or French than English. Here’s an example: “I saw a beautiful red car this morning” (English) “Red car beautiful this morning I saw” (Auslan).

How does Auslan work?

Auslan relies on a combination of hand shapes, movements and facial expressions to deliver messages. These can include a combination of:
• Hand shapes – Auslan has 38 hand shapes with 28 variants
• Orientation – This is the direction of your palm and hand in relation to your body. For example, making a sign near the head suggests ‘thinking’.
• Location – Signs are made near different parts of the body to convey meaning
• Movement – Small or large movements of the head, arms and hands can suggest different words
• Expression – Head and facial movements or expressions are used to convey emotion and emphasis

T2 2024 course dates

These courses are subsidized from $150 to $50 for students at Logan, Brisbane, and Online Campuses. 

  • Where: Virtually/online (Once you have signed up, we will verify your student status and email you the course link closer to the time).
  • When: 22 July to 16 September 2024 from 6pm-8pm on Mondays.
  • Cost: $50 for the full 8 week course. 

Please note: You must attend each and every class in order to successfully complete the course.

Class dates:

  • Class 1: 22nd July 2024
  • Class 2: 29th July 2024
  • Class 3: 5th August 2024
  • Class 4: 19th August 2024
  • Class 5: 26th August 2024
  • Class 6: 2nd September 2024
  • Class 7: 9th September 2024
  • Class 8: 16th September 2024

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