EnglishHELP for HDR Students

Griffith University provides academic language and learning support for HDR students via the English Higher Education Language Program (EnglishHELP). EnglishHELP is not an editing service but rather a teaching and learning service for students with English as an additional language.

HDR students are able to access up to two free 45-minute consultations a week with a TESOL specialist. They should come to the consultation with specific language queries and/or sections of the thesis for discussion rather than expecting the tutor to edit. EnglishHELP also run a series of workshops designed specifically for HDR students with English as an additional language, commencing semester Week 5 and running for 12 weeks at Nathan and the Gold Coast.

The workshop content is highly suited to students in their first year of candidature and the outline can be found on the EnglishHELP websiteHere students can book consultations and register for the workshops.