Grocery Boxes and Grocery Market

Notice: There are no grocery box deliveries from the 13th of December 2023, until Trimester 1, 2024.


For Trimester 1, 2024, we continue to partner with Big Michael’s to provide students with more useful, seasonal produce. 

So, how will this work?

The fresh fruit and vegetable boxes are available throughout trimester 1 every Wednesday as a SSAF benefit to all undergraduate and postgraduates based on the Brisbane based campuses.

Items in the box and at the market may change week to week to be more inclusive of seasonal groceries. 

All you need to do is come to the locations below and scan the QR code near the boxes or at the start of the market.


  • Nathan Campus: N28 Grass Area – Fruit and Vegetable Market BYO Bag
  • QCAD South Bank Campus: S02_2.11
  • The Conservatorium Southbank Campus: SO1 LV 2 ROOM 2.37 (temporary student lounge during building construction)
  • Logan Campus: L04_1.04
  • Mt. Gravatt Campus: M09_1.106A

Schedule for trimester 1, 2024

• Starts: Wednesday 6th of March 

• Mid-tri break/ no boxes or market: Wednesday 3rd of April (back the 10th April)

• Ends: Wednesday 12th June – Last grocery boxes/market until T2, 2024.

We will then break until trimester 2, 2024. If you need additional support over this period, please review the cost of living webpage, contact, or contact one of the organisations on the off-campus food support page.

We will notify you via our social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram), on the day as soon as the boxes have arrived. This ensures you have a more accurate timeframe to come and collect your fruit and veg boxes. 

Check out some delicious and healthy recipes here! Or, to give us some feedback on the Fruit and Veg boxes and market, please click here.

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