Graduation Ceremonies 2013

As a member of University Council, I am privileged to attend graduation ceremonies as part of the dais procession (the people dressed in gowns who walk and sit on stage).

I get to wear a black gown with white & silver trim for Council and one of those soft, floppy hats.  Apparently, members of the dais process must wear their hats with red tassles falling to the left while graduates wear tassles to the right (on harder, more square hats). Although, I am not an expert on this area. Yes, once again, the pomp & ceremony reminds me further of the Harry Potter phenomenon and Hogwarts School, although different hats.

This week, I attended the Education graduation ceremony in Brisbane with over 300 graduates and postgraduates.  Why do I attend? All Council members are encouraged to participate and support the University in various activities and I particularly choose graduations as one of those. What do I do? Sit on stage and clap for 1-2 hours as each graduate or postgraduate walks past.  I am lucky and get to sit in the front row on stage.  Ladies – the heels are awesome!  Bare feet or thongs – not so awesome.  Afterwards I mingle with the staff and students at the cocktail reception that is funded by the AEL group and hosted by Professor Paul Mazerolle in support of the students.

Isn’t that rather boring, I hear some of you say? Not for me.  I believe it is important to support all students and to celebrate their hard work, regardless of the award that they receive. The University would not exist without the students and I attend on behalf of University Council to say that we recognise this. Congratulations to all postgraduate students who attended a ceremony last week on the Gold Coast or this week in Brisbane!  We applaud your efforts and look forward to your future success.

Sparkles and best wishes for the festive season!  I hope to have updates on recent Council meetings soon.

Satine Winter
Postgraduate Representative – University Council