GUPSA Office hours and Editing Service through the 2017-18 break

Thank you to everyone who attended our End of Year party at the Ship Inn last Saturday. That was GUPSA’s last event for 2017 and things are now winding down for the end of the year and summer break.


GUPSA Office hours  19/12/2017 – 17/1/2018

Our Support Officer, Michael Carden, goes on annual leave from 19 December and will return to work 17 January next year. Our Support Assistant, Chantelle Hollenbach, goes on leave from 21 December and returns to work 9 January next year. Chantelle will work in the GUPSA Nathan office  19 December and then the Logan SRC office 20 December.  When she returns from leave she will resume working Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at Logan, Southbank QCA, and  Nathan respectively. The GUPSA Nathan office  therefore will only be open  Tuesday 19/12/17 and Thursday 11/1/18 while Michael is on leave and will re-open fully from 17/1/18.

If you are needing assistance on an individual grievance matter in Michael’s absence, the SRC Student Advocacy and Appeals area will be assisting postgraduate students in this period. You can contact them at Please note that the GUPSA office and the SRC will be closed, along with the rest of the university, in the week between Christmas and New Year and SRC Student Advocacy and Appeals area will be closed in the first week of January to re-open on the 8th.

Editing Service 19/12/2017 – 17/1/2018

The GUPSA editing service will continue to operate over the break;  Maureen,  Evie and Leanne will be happy to receive your editing requests and to provide feedback. Please  complete the form available at and submit it together with your work to our editors. The editors will obviously not be able to meet students for consultations while the university is closed between Christmas and New Year but they will be able to see students again when things re-open in week 2 of January. See GUPSA’s website for further details of what you need to do.

So have a really enjoyable Christmas-New Year break and if you’re celebrating have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy  New Year.

See you all in 2018.