As well as winning GUPSA’s RUOK? Postcard Competition last month,  Gabriella Wilson is working on a really interesting media and artwork project for her PhD. And she wants you to participate in it.

She’s set up an online Broadzine called The Equal Standard as  a hybrid publication and artwork encompassing several genres to form its own unique category.

Equal Standard cropped-masthead-centre

Through the Broadzine she hopes to identify and implement effective artistic strategies that form a catalyst for social change.  The primary purpose is to conduct an examination and critique of contemporary society utilising the unique perspective of its contributors and its physical and digital form. Specifically, it aims to present constructive visual and written discourse to varied audiences, drawing their attention to the causes and effects of current societal ideologies and values.

Now that the site’s been established it’s time to get the first issue together. This is where you come in. She is seeking s u b m i s s i o n s  f o r  publication in the first issue of The Equal Standard Broadzine. The theme for this issue is  ‘Equal Access’. If you are over 18, can draw a stick figure, use a camera or string two words together, then she wants to hear from YOU!!!

And to help you respond to this theme in your chosen medium, she asks that you consider relevant current events and some of the following questions to get you going:

What are the causes and effects of having access to/denied access to, what we want, need or have? Do we need too much? Is equal access possible? Do we want everyone to access everything, or should we restrict access to certain resources, information, people, freedoms, emotions, and thoughts? What would more/less access in a certain situation result in? Is equal access a utopian fantasy or future nightmare? Or maybe one of these states already exists? Can access to everything destroy us or help us flourish? What effects do limitations have on us as individuals? What happens when society as a whole, or we as individuals suppress access?

The deadline for submissions is MON 17 NOV 2014 and if your submission is accepted for publishing, you will be put in a draw to win a $50 Wray Organics voucher.

You’ll find more information about the project, with links to the consent form and the requirements for submissions, here.

 The Equal Standard