Hello World!

GUPSA is proudly introducing Wenx. As from today, she will maintain her own blog on this page. Do you like writing too? And would you like to share your thoughts with a considerable audience? Write about your own postgraduate student experience or anything else pertaining higher education. Contact us for more information and become a GUPSA blogger just like Wenx!

My name is Wenx. My parents originally named me Wencke (after a Norwegian pop singer), but that name never seemed to work for any English speaker. So during a summer job in France, a Scotsman labelled me Wenx (say ‘Vanx’) – and it stuck. I am German and live in Main Beach trying to settle down. It’s been a long way for me to get here and it includes four universities, many stories heard and shared, long nights, endless miles travelled, cycled and run, amazing encounters, good and bad jobs, most diverse experiences, mountains of emotions and six countries in three continents I called home. I am a solid state physicist; and an engineer, a sports addict, an English teacher or just a blond girl working on her PhD in biomechanics. I like Nutella, the beach, Tequila, blue eyes, badminton, jeeps, beach volleyball and trail running. I don’t like snow and people who press the ‘close doors’ button in elevators. In my blog, I would like to write about all sorts of things: My life as a student (again), my life as an immigrant to Australia, my life as a female in a male dominated research area, my life as an athlete, and about what I have (not) been learning at this so-called University of Life. And I would like to find out the answer that has been nagging me for a long time: “Who the hell reads someone else’s blog and why would anyone?!?”