I love LSD (and I never thought I’d say that)

Yes, you read that right: I love LSD. LSD stands for Long Slow Distance. My friends still complain that not even one year ago, I would only raise my eyebrows when they asked me to run for more than 5 km.

It all started last year on a research visit to Auckland. The city was grey, the climate was cold, but my accommodation conveniently close to the waterfront – so I started running into the sunrise. 5 km. But curiosity got me into the next bay (7km return), then I wondered if I could run 10 km. Turns out, I could! I was stoked. I didn’t realise, running could be so much fun with the chilled vibes to jog rather than run and a decent amount of curiosity.

So it didn’t stop there. I started exploring runs: through the city, to the next town, through parks. Then New Zealand’s rain forests: small tracks, over hills, through rivers. I explored National Parks, closed trails and remote beaches. And mostly myself. Waterfalls of happiness overflowing me during the runs. I felt high for days.

What do they say about running? ‘Running helps your brain grow’. We’ll see about that. What else do they say? ‘Lose yourself to find yourself’. I did. I continued running in Queensland and soon ditched maps, but instead bought a waterpack to carry around with me when I run. I’d drive out into the forest in the dark mornings and set off with sunrise for an hour run or more. I’d meet other runners, we’d run together with headlamps before sunrise through the dark bush scaring the kangaroos. If I have time, I grab my GoCard and start running until I feel like taking the bus home. My first half marathon distance just happened like that.

Sometimes, when I get excitedly up at 4 I wonder if I need therapy about this. Or just to find my limit? I signed up this week to find my limit: My first ultramarathon, aka 50 km of tracks. Now I am scared.

1 km is better than 0 km. Go jogging. – Wenx