Job opportunity at QBIT

QBIT is looking for someone (or two people) who is able to take classes in their course, Academic and Professional Skills in Science and Technology. This course is delivered only at QIBT and is designed to provide students with education around key skills for success in higher education. In particular it teaches basic research skills, effective communication, working in groups and professional preparation.

The opportunity is, at this stage, until the end of this semester and would involve teaching 1 or 2 classes of 4 hours duration on a Tuesday (i.e. 8.30-12.30 and 1.30-5.30). A person who is suitable for these classes will be offered opportunities for teaching in future semesters depending on demand.

This opportunity would suit a student with some teaching background and an interest in learning in higher education. It is also a good opportunity for someone wanting to get some experience working with a very diverse student population in a university setting. They will be supervised and mentored by Matthew Campbell, Program Convener.

QIBT pay at the same rates as Griffith and this time would be paid as 2 hours lecture + 1 hour tutorial + 1 hour workshop per class.

Please contact:
Matthew Campbell
Program Convener
Queensland Institute of Business and Technology
P: +61 7 3735 6918 | E: