Leggings, high-heels, sports top, scarf

Last night, PhD girls from different schools enjoyed a wine together. Research and academia aside, the topic turned to fashion. I like fashion, and many times I would like to have the money to buy the cool clothes I see and bring up enough motivation in the mornings to make my hair look pretty. In real life, training before uni, tutoring sports and cycling to uni combined with a decent amount of morning sleepiness make me go to uni dressed casually. The other girls seemed surprised by this fact.

I noticed when I visited Nathan campus how students were dressed differently from Gold Coast. More city like, more professionally, smarter. The PhD girls from last night said a blouse is not uncommon. I was surprised, obviously I had been thinking every school was like ours. If you ever come around to visit us, don’t be surprised to see the boys in boardies, sometimes even without shirt, the prof in thongs, the lecturer in heavy metal shirts, the girls in sports gear and many people barefoot.

I like it, that I can rock up in whatever I like, delaying the days when I will have to dress up smart casual and look professional. However, I found this brand who have given our minority some fashion thoughts. They created fashion not only for people caught between student life and professionalism, they also casted for female PhD students to model their collection showing smart and beautiful obviously goes well together. I like it, see if you do.

However, I’ll probably wear my hoodie, scarf and thongs again tomorrow. It’s just too cold.

See you out there, Wenx