Meet your new GUPSA Board



Finally, the new GUPSA Board is complete!

Following the elections for GUPSA’s new Board back in May, 4 out of the 5 Board positions were filled, leaving a vacancy in the Coursework Officer position. The new Board took office in June and developed a process to fill the  vacancy. That process was followed in July with a call for expressions of interest in the position to be submitted to the Board. At its meeting on 20 July the Board formally appointed Saira Khan as Coursework Officer.

So please welcome GUPSA’s new Board for 2017-18: Saira Khan (Coursework Officer), Zohra Saima (Campus Coordination Officer), Jason Wessel (Research Officer), Lauren Cunningham (Equity Officer), and Florian Spalthoff (International Students Officer) as your new student representatives (left to right). At its first meeting in June, the Board decided to rotate the position of Board Chair, with Florian Spalthoff appointed as the first Chair of GUPSA’s Board. A new rotation will commence at the August Board meeting. The email address for the Chair is

The new executive team is highly motivated to advocate for your interests and is looking forward to bringing you the best possible support and events! Please do not hesitate to approach any of them directly