My LBD – and what Sophie has to do with it

I had not been out to bars/clubs in ages. So when Easter weekend rolled in, my date cancelled and birthdays needed to be celebrated, I got into my LBD (yes, the little black dress), put on the highest heels I could find in my closet and stalked my resulting 185 cm down this dark residential street in my quiet neighbourhood.

It got me thinking. Wasn’t that how Sophie walked home one night? In the dark, assumingly happy and feeling safe? After all it’s only Queensland and not Harlem, so no need to worry? It turned out to be her last walk ever. And who knows what she had to go through between that walk and her last breath. It’s an interesting and terrifying thought to realize it could have been me. It can be me. However, I decided on my way, it shouldn’t stop us from walking. Just maybe sometimes a safe detour is the better option.
It turned out to be a great night, private booth at the club, boys kept buying drinks (I love that about Australia! Even if that seems to be the last gentleman move left…). We danced and danced until my feet hurt. It was time to call it a night. I got home to Mainy alone, tired, barefoot, shoes in my hands – and walked the light-filled detour home.

See you out there, Wenx