Scanner personality

How is your campus life? Do you have one? Do you like it? If you had the chance to make changes to our campus life, what would you do?

I don’t know about you, but I am a so-called scanner personality. One of the benefits of that is, that I go through life with open eyes, I see things, I notice little things, I wonder about things, I sometimes question things and sometimes even think ‘WTF’. Altogether, my world is a little more colourful.

I often stroll across campus(es) and notice many things I would do differently. I would get more (covered) bike parking, make uni games fully subsidized, cheaper (and better) food on campus, more car parking, have a fence around the beach volleyball court, movie nights in lecture halls, supermarkets on campus, safer bike/walking paths to uni… the list is long.

Altogether, my campus life is quite average and I do not spend much time there. In fact, I know of people, especially postgrads and ‘older’ students who feel lost and lonely on campus although they are surrounded by many others.

So when I was invited to talk to the official Campus Life Review team, I immediately accepted. In fact, they invited 6 GC campus students to have lunch with them (Yay, cheap food already!) last week. All students had strong opinions, and the reviewers seemed to know what they were doing, the right questions to ask. We had heated discussions and laughs. Topics were the parking situation, public transport, bikes and push bikes, on-campus WiFi, the food (and drinks) situation, student recreation and on-campus facilities.

It was great to talk to someone who actually seemed to 1. care and 2. had the power to pass the information on to the right people. The bad news is, a review happens only every 5 years. And what did I hear the other day? ‘Uni is like a tankship – it takes a long time to change its direction.’ So maybe nothing is gonna change, at least not for the time I will be here. Or it will. You never know…. But now I can say that I tried.

See you out there, Wenx