Jessica Gundolf

Coursework Officer

Hi, my name is Jessica Gundolf. I am the Coursework Officer of GUPSA. I am currently doing a vertical degree in Bachelor of Psychological Science and Master of Rehabilitation Counselling. I moved to Australia by myself and the SRC really helped me find my place at the university. Therefore I joined the SRC to help give other students the same opportunity. I was an SRC member for one year and joined GUPSA as soon as I became a postgraduate student. I always have an open ear for students’ worries and suggestions and bring these forward in our board meetings. 

GUPSA has brought forward some incredible initiatives over the years, and I am honoured to have the opportunity to help continue this with our new board members. 

Outside of University, I am a Snowboard- and Ski instructor and a passionate beekeeper. 

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