Tertiary transport concession card

An online petition has been launched calling on Queensland transport minister Scott Emerson to cease fines against students who are travelling on public transport without a tertiary transport concession card.

The petition follows reports that the authorities have started a crackdown while large numbers of students are still to receive their concession cards due to a backlog in the processing of their applications.

Ending a five-months grace period on Tuesday, full-time university students claiming concession rates now need to travel with a tertiary transport concession card or face a $227 fine.

GUPSA supports the petition as we share the view that students should not be punished for something that is out of their control.

We urge the minister to extend the grace period until further notice to allow the authorities to clear the backlog and avoid unreasonable penalties.

Griffith University postgraduate students who feel they have been unjustly penalised for not being able to show a tertiary transport concession card are asked to contact our Support Officer, Michael Carden, via michael@gupsa.org.au.

Niels Kraaier
GUPSA President

Click here to sign the petition.