Welcome to GUPSA’s new website!

Welcome to  GUPSA’s  home on the internet! Yes, we will still have our pages on the Griffith University site, but they’re not interactive and aren’t meant to serve as an expanding interactive news site in the way gupsa.org.au is.

We have  made this site’s main feature a blog to make it easier to engage with you, the postgraduate student community at Griffith University, and so that you can engage with each other. In the past GUPSA had a regular print newsletter, Gradchat, which was issued periodically to the GUPSA membership. Nowadays we don’t have a formal membership register, and we want to be careful in our use of paper. From now on, the GUPSA blog will be our new newsletter and we will post news updates, announcements, discussion pieces as they come to hand. But we  want you to contribute, too, and not just by leaving comments on what’s published here. We want you to contribute articles as well. They can be on anything relating to postgraduate issues, postgraduate life both here at Griffith University and generally, and higher education more broadly.  Like the old newsletter, the blog is edited and so we ask you to send your articles to me, Michael Carden. Please attach the article to the email along with  any images you want to publish with the article, and be sure to provide the URLs for any links you want embedded in the text. Please also provide your email address plus a contact number and what school or centre you’re from, too. We’ll let you know when we publish your article here on the blog. Similarly, if you have any news or announcements of events and activities  in your school or centre for postgrads, send them to me so that they can be posted here. And if you see any interesting articles out there on the intertubes that you think worth reading, send me the link to share here too.  Usually, items posted here will also be broadcast through to our Facebook page and Twitter account to encourage even more sharing and discussion.